The Dogs Trust

The dogs Trust are constantly doing important work with dogs of all ages, breeds,shapes and sizes who for no fault of their own find themselves with no home the dedicated staff work tirelessly to prepare the dogs to be settled and re homed, many of the dogs have problems as a result their experiences that come out through their behavior the staff at the dogs trust work with the dogs to resolve as many issues as possible before they are handed over to thier new owners.

When the dogs arrive at the centre they need to be vetted made warm and comfortable as well as fed and provided with treats for training this is a constant drain on resorses the Covid pandemic has cut many forms of fund raising that is very important to the very survival of the trust, with this in mind Conquest Grass has made the decision to help where we can to ease the situation a little by donating where we can to the Trust.

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What will we do?

Many of our customers have dogs, infact many of our grass installations are ordered to help the owners with their much loved pets artificial grass helps keep the dogs clean and happy so we are donating £10 to the trust for every customer who orders artificial grass from us who has a fury friend.

Our team

The team at conquest Grass often carry out marketing at variouse venues through out the year so when possible will collect for the trust on our stand.

Our aim
  • Provide what we can to help the trust
  • Make regular deliveries of food and treats direct to the centre
  • Make and deliver artificial grass mats from off cuts to help with training
  • Promote the trust when ever we can and encourage others to help out