Our Terms and Conditions

Conquest Grass and its employees will provide the best possible service to our Customers at all times, some of our services could at times be directed by certain conditions set out below.

(A) Conquest Grass supply and install only the highest quality Artificial Grass products with the recommended installation procedures, and use the manufacturers recommended methods of installation, we would expect our customers to allow us to carry this procedure out to the best of our ability.

(B) Conquest Grass reserve the right to cancel any contract at our discretion due to a full technical survey not being to our satisfaction, any deposit paid will be returned with no cost to the customer being made for the survey. The existing sub-base, and its contours sometimes dictate how flat and level the surface is, we at Conquest always endeavour to lay the surface as level as possible but this can sometimes rely on the base.

(C) Pipework and Cables should be installed at the recommended depth of 600mm below ground level, we expect the customer to inform us of any pipes or cables they are aware of above this level, and we cannot take any responsibility for any damage caused by any unknown obstruction above this level.

(D) Timescale's on projects are given as a guideline only; Conquest Grass will not be liable for delays due to adverse weather conditions or for the customer’s time on site.

(E) Materials and products are the property of Conquest Grass until all amounts due are paid as per the contract in full.

(F) Materials delivered on site are in the hands of the haulers, Conquest Grass cannot be held responsible for early or late deliveries or damage done by the haulers at time of delivery.

(G) Show grass offer our show grass offer of 5% entitles us to use your project for promotion purposes i.e. drive by promotion and some photos that may be used on social media, our website and brochures.

(H) Contracts, whilst Conquest Grass will always endeavour to abide by the contract schedule, we cannot be held responsible for delays that sometimes may arise that are out of our control, we would expect the customers cooperation in this case, we would also expect a reasonable notice from the customer if installation has to be delayed due to their circumstances’ changing.

(I) Payments, our normal contract payment schedule is as follows - Deposit 25% of the contract value, then two equal payments, one on completion of the preparation then the final payment on hand over of your new Grass/Paving.

(J) Personal circumstances Conquest Grass cannot be held responsible for the customer’s personal arrangements during installation such as pets in kennels or family functions or upcoming vacations.

Guarantee, Conquest Grass offer a 10 year guarantee on all of its products, all conditions can be found on the guarantee document, once the installation is carried out any changes or remedial work must be carried under the terms of the guarantee after full payment has been made. Payments Please Read Carefully before authorising your payment: Your deposit confirms you have engaged our services, we start working on your behalf as soon as funds are received by the company in no circumstances will we carry out any surveys, administration or deliver any products until the deposit has been paid in full.

Before paying your deposit please read our right to cancel notice. Your surveyor will be able to answer any questions you may have on this subject. Your preparation payment is due once the company deems that all necessary preparation has been carried out, your surveyor will explain why we work this way. Final payment is due on the day of completion of your work agreed; your guarantee will be issued on receipt of the final payment any issues that arise with the installation will then be rectified under the terms of the guarantee.

The purchaser has the right to cancel this agreement with Conquest Grass if he/she wishes, and that right can be exercised by delivering or sending (including by electronic mail) a cancellation notice to info@conquestgrass.co.uk or in writing to Claro Business Centre, Claro Road, Harrogate HG1 4BA at any time within a period of 7 days starting with the day of receipt of this notice.

Notice of cancellation is deemed to be served as soon as it is posted or sent or in the case of electronic mail on the day it was sent, if the Purchase Agreement is cancelled in accordance to the cancellation notice any deposit paid will be returned to the Purchaser in full.

The Purchaser may be required to pay for goods and services supplied if of the Purchase Agreement has begun with the Purchasers written agreement before the end of the performance cancellation period. If the Purchaser cancels the contract otherwise than in accordance with these terms and conditions the company reserves the right to charge the following which represents the losses and expenses incurred by the company prior to cancellation, 30% of the total contract price where the Purchaser cancels the contract one month or less prior to commencement of the work contracted for.

Please refer to our terms and conditions located at the back of your purchase agreement for other conditions.